Chavchavadze N49 is an ideal choice for anyone looking to buy a sizable apartment as their family home in Tbilisi or who are looking for good returns from long-term rental tenants.

The project is located to the west of Vake – Tbilisi’s most exclusive suburb which is home to the majority of the embassies in the city.  By being on the western edge of Vake on the region’s most famous street, residents here will enjoy the tranquility of a quiet location which is surrounded by green parkland, while still having quick and easy access to all of the facilities on offer in Vake.

The project consists of four main high-rise towers.  Block I is the tallest, consisting of 29 floors, with Block IV just a little shorter at 25 floors.  The remaining two blocks, Block II and Block III both contain 17 floors.  The architecture of the building is modern in style, with the majority of apartments benefiting from large balconies, from which residents are able to enjoy the views of the surrounding parks and mountains to the north and south.  The project is currently in the final stages of completion, with Block II already complete and the remainder of the project finishing in stages through until the spring of 2018.

Below each of the four towers are commercial areas which will contain a variety of useful shops – a convenient benefit for all residents who will be able to purchase all of their daily necessities without leaving the complex.

Chavchavadze N49 is a fully-gated community offering peace of mind for you and your family due to the project’s 24/7 security.  Residents here will also benefit from a concierge service and all common areas will be kept clean by janitors employed by the developer.

There is a wide selection of different apartment sizes for buyers here to choose from.  One-bedroom apartments here range in size from 46.3 – 72.8m2, while the most numerous two-bedroom apartments range from 109.6m2 up to 118.4m2.  The project is an ideal choice for any buyer needing three bedrooms.  Usually three-bedroom apartments in Tbilisi are large and, therefore, quite expensive.  However, the three-bedroom apartments here start from 121.8m2, making them quite affordable.  For those requiring more space, there are larger sizes available – up to 271.5m2.

Prices at Chavchavadze N49 start at ₾3336/$1350 per m2.  However, all apartments on the project are sold on a luxurious Fully Finished basis rather than the standard White Frame level of finishing that is most common in Georgia.  As a result, a price of ₾2720/$1100 per m2 provides a more accurate comparison with similar projects sold in White Frame condition.

Although apartments here are sold on a completely finished basis, buyers still get to choose the materials and layout of their apartments.  All buyers here are able to visit the developer’s interior design showroom where they can select the exact style of their apartment to ensure that it matches their tastes precisely.

For any buyer looking for a luxurious project just outside the hustle and bustle of the city, but still in Tbilisi’s best neighbourhood, Chavchavadze N49 is an excellent choice.

Floor Plans & Pricing

One-Bedroom Apartment1160.3($87,100)View
Two-Bedroom Apartment21109.6($129,365)View
Three-Bedroom Apartment32121.8($151,770)View

Property Features

  • 24/7 Security
  • Concierge Service
  • Mountain Views
  • Parking