Dighomi 2 is the perfect buying choice for anyone looking to purchase in a high-quality development at a highly affordable price.

The project comes from one of Georgia’s largest and most experienced developers, having been established in 2006.  Since then, they have successfully completed eight major developments, with over a dozen more currently under construction.  Dighomi 2 is their latest project, which was launched in October 2017.  The project is a 24-storey tower development, which is scheduled for completion in December 2019.

The large land plot that the development occupies gives plenty of space for beautiful common areas, totaling 7,000m2.  This area will contain beautiful green spaces and a children’s playground area.  With the area totally secure, it is an ideal place for families.

The project is located in the north of the city in a quiet, residential area just ten minutes’ walk from the US Embassy.  There are also several university campuses in the area, as well as two major hospitals.  The project is also less than 2km from the most popular mall in Tbilisi – namely Tbilisi Mall.  Closer to home, there is a major supermarket almost adjacent to the project, with a large ‘Goodwill’ Hypermarket just 200m from here.

As for the apartments themselves, there is a wide variety of different unit sizes to start with.  These start with one-bedroom apartments which range in size from 49.2 – 76m2, through the popular two-bedroom options, ranging from compact, yet highly-affordable, 63.8m2 apartments, up to larger 103.3m2 sizes.  For those needing more space still, there are several different three-bedroom options available, which start at 83.7m2, going up to a large 127.1m2.

But what makes this project truly unique are the starting prices, as Dighomi 2 contains the most affordable options in our portfolio.  Starting prices here are just $485/m2 for apartment here delivered to ‘White Frame’ standard – the only project in our portfolio with starting prices under $500/m2.  These will require finishing before they can be lived in, which will cost a minimum of $200/m2.  So, in total, finished apartments here are available from just $685/m2.

This gives the following starting prices for finished apartments:

49.2m2 One-Bedroom Apartment – $36,408

63.8m2 Two-Bedroom Apartment – $49,126

83.7m2 Three-Bedroom Apartment – $62,775

Even better news for buyers on a tight budget are the payment terms.  Buyers need to pay just 30% upon contract, with the remaining 70% payable in monthly installments through the course of the build.

If these terms are still outside your reach, Dighomi 2 is one of the few projects in Tbilisi where it is possible for buyers to obtain a home loan, via the developer’s partner, VTB Bank.  For those looking to buy an apartment on credit, terms would be 30% upon contract, with the remaining 70% paid over a 10-year period.  The current interest rate on USD loans is 10% per annum.

This means that it is possible to purchase an apartment here for under $8,000 down, with monthly installments of just $273.44 (not counting the cost of finishing).

In summary, for any buyer on a tight budget who is looking for the most amount of space for the most affordable prices, Dighomi 2 is an excellent choice.

Property Features

  • 24/7 Security
  • Children's Playground
  • Gardens
  • Parking