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Can Foreigners Fly Into Tbilisi, Georgia Yet?

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Can Foreigners Fly Into Tbilisi, Georgia Yet?


Information correct as of 29 January 2021

Once the full extent of the coronavirus was realized in March 2020, Georgia closed its borders to the vast majority of foreign visitors.  Apart from residents of Germany, France and the Baltic States, it was impossible for foreigners to visit Georgia without an official invitation and undergoing a long period of quarantine.

However, as of 1 February 2021, we are pleased to announce that it will become significantly easier for foreigners to visit Georgia.  The current rules are as follows:

For anyone who has had a full course of vaccinations (two doses) and can present a certificate to show this, entry is allowed to anyone – no matter what nationality.

For those who have not received a full course of vaccinations, residents and passport holders of the following countries have another option for entering the country:

European Union (apart from Belgium, Ireland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Denmark, Austria, Malta and Slovakia)





United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia


Citizens of these countries need to take a PCR test within 72 hours of arriving in Georgia and show a negative result.  Once the person has been in Georgia for 72 hours, another PCR test should be taken.

As the situation remains fluid, please take the above information as a guide only.  It is highly recommended that you check with your airline as to the restrictions before booking tickets to Tbilisi.

For those who do arrive in Tbilisi, there is still a curfew operational from 21.00 to 05.00 each day.  Restaurants remain closed apart from takeaway services and home delivery.  Shops and shopping malls are open from Monday through Friday, but are closed at weekends.


Source (Georgian only)


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