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Georgian Airways Announces New Routes to Western Europe

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As I mentioned in a recent blog article, while there are already plenty of flights to and from Tbilisi from the Middle East and former CIS countries, the route network to Western European destinations is still fairly sparse.  As a result, the most convenient way to get to Tbilisi from most Western European cities has been to fly via Istanbul with Turkish Airways.

However, flying to Tbilisi for next summer’s season is going to get a whole lot easier from several major Western European destinations as a result of new routes from Georgian Airways which were announced today.

The new routes which will be offered by the airline will connect Tbilisi with the following cities:


The new flights will start operating from 25 March, 2018.

These new routes will be added to Georgian Airways current route network, which has been rapidly expanded over the past few years.  Destinations in Western Europe which are already served by the airline are as follows:


These new routes will more than double the number of destinations served by Georgian Airways in Western Europe.  This is sure to be a major factor in ensuring that the number of tourists flying into Tbilisi each year continues to increase at its current rapid rate – over 40% year-to-date as of August 2017.

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