Krtsanisi Modern stands as a premium-class multifunctional project located in Tbilisi’s Ortachala district, making it an ideal choice for investors aiming to maximize rental income, whether for short-term or long-term stays. It’s also a perfect fit for buyers in search of a comfortable and stylish home equipped with all modern conveniences.

Ortachala’s appeal lies in its proximity to the Old Town, developed infrastructure, and a recent influx of upscale developments, solidifying its status as one of Tbilisi’s most desirable neighborhoods. It draws in comfortably off residents who value a community that is safe, respectful, and well-maintained. Ortachala features tree-lined streets, a picturesque hillside backdrop offering residents fresh air and mountain views, numerous governmental buildings, schools, sports facilities, and embassies, including those of Britain, France, and Japan.

Some of the city’s top hospitals further enhance its appeal. Ortachala’s convenient location offers residents easy access to the Old Town’s attractions, both on foot (a mere 20-minute walk) and by taxi (just 5-10 minutes, depending on the time of day).

What truly sets Krtsanisi Modern apart from other developments in the area or similarly priced options in other parts of Tbilisi is its unique planning and an extensive range of facilities available for residents and guests, such as:

• Modern-class apartments

• Offices

• Co-working spaces

• Commercial areas

• Both underground and above-ground parking

• Round-the-clock security

• A private park adorned with perennial trees

• Children’s entertainment zones

• Relaxation and walking areas

• Shopping and dining facilities, including a panoramic rooftop restaurant

All of these amenities combine to guarantee a comfortable living and working environment.

Krtsanisi Modern comprises an A-class business center building and four residential buildings scheduled for completion in Q1 2025. These buildings, ranging from 12 to 15 floors in height, are being constructed to the highest standards.

Apartments come in various sizes to accommodate different needs, budgets and lifestyles. One-bedroom apartments range from 38.7 to 74.3 m2, two-bedroom apartments from 56.2 to 122.1 m2, and three-bedroom apartments from 90.5 to 131.3 m2. As of September 2023, only one 31.6 m2 studio apartment remains available.

Apartments at Krtsanisi Modern are delivered in a ‘green frame’ state, which requires less work for the finishing than the standard ‘white frame’ state. Buyers should estimate a minimum of $300-350 m2 for full finishing of the apartments.

The price per m2 of all apartments at Krtsanisi Modern depends upon the floor, with prices starting at $1400 per m2. Parking spaces are priced at $20,000 per place.

The payment plan is the standard one from most developers in Tbilisi. 30% payable upon contract and the remaining 70% payable in installments throughout the building’s construction period.

In summary, Krtsanisi Modern is a well-conceived project with a compelling investment proposition. Due to the project’s excellent location, unparalleled facilities and amenities, and construction to the highest standards, investors can anticipate healthy rental yields and long-term capital appreciation.

Property Features

  • 24/7 Reception
  • 24/7 Security
  • Business Centre
  • Children's Playground
  • Football Pitch
  • Gardens
  • Restaurant
  • Supermarket