Gldani Horizon is the perfect project for buyers on a limited budget who are looking for an affordable property which is not too far from completion.  It will be particularly suitable for buyers looking to obtain Residence in Georgia as cheaply as possible because prices here start at $35,100 for an apartment with full finishing – just over the minimum requirement for Residence.

The project consists of two high-rise buildings – one of 16 floors and the other of 15 floors.  It is the 15-storey tower that is likely to be of most interest to buyers as it has already ‘topped out’ ahead of completion to ‘white frame’ standard in August 2018.  The second tower is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2019.

The project is located in the up-and-coming Gldani area in the north of the city, around 12km from the city centre – a 30-minute journey by car.  Gldani is a leafy suburb, with cleaner air than in more the more developed areas of the city, with many parks and green areas.  Gldani Horizon occupies a beautiful location in the region.  It is set back from the main roads, meaning that it is quiet and safe for children.  The project is situated immediately adjacent to the large public swimming pool in Gldani and is just 200m from the large Fresco supermarket.  There is also a major hospital and schools within five minutes’ walk of the project.  The project has green areas both in front of and behind the project, which will include a football pitch.  The ground floor of the project will contain retail outlets, plus plenty of parking space – both above and below ground.

All 14 residential floors at Gldani Horizon have the same layout, consisting of three 54m2 one-bedroom apartments, plus two 61.8m2 compact two-bedroom apartments and two larger two-bedroom apartments of either 74.6m2 or 78.3m2.  All apartments have the same price per m2, no matter which floor they are on. So, if you would like the best views from high floors, then you are advised to act quickly, as these are likely to sell out the fastest.

Prices at Gldani Horizon are $530 per m2 for the apartment in ‘white frame’ condition, plus $120 for the finishing – giving a total price of $650 per m2.  This means that the total price of each size of apartment is:

54.0m2 One-Bedroom Apartment – $35,100

61.8m2 Two-Bedroom Apartment – $40,170

74.6m2 Two-Bedroom Apartment – $48,490

78.3m2 Two-Bedroom Apartment – $50,895

Those looking to apply for Residence will need to wait until the apartment is fully complete around October before applying for Residence as the ‘white frame’ price is below the $35,000 minimum for Residence.  However, as the ‘white frame’ prices for the 74.6m2 and 78.3m2 two-bedroom apartments are over $35,000, they can be registered immediately if payment is made in full, so you could be applying for Residence in a matter of days.

For those preferring to pay in installments, it is possible to pay 30% on contract, followed by payments of $600 per month throughout the remainder of the build, with the remainder upon completion to ‘white frame’ standard in August.

In summary, Gldani Horizon is the perfect option for buyers on a tight budget who can’t wait too long for completion.

Floor Plans & Pricing

Two-Bedroom Apartment2161.8($40,170)View
Two-Bedroom Apartment2174.6($48,490)View
Two-Bedroom Apartment2178.3($50,895)View

Property Features

  • Children's Playground
  • Football Pitch
  • Gardens
  • Parking