Hill Home Residence is the most exciting project for investors that we have seen so far in 2020 and is highly likely to become our best-selling project for the year.

There are many reasons why Hill Home Residence is an ideal project for investors.  Firstly we have the location in the popular area of Avlabari, just on the opposite side of the river from the Old Town.  The project has been designed so that the vast majority of apartments here have beautiful views over the Old Town with Mtatsaminda Hill beyond.  The location is less than 150m from 300 Aragveli metro station, which is just two stops away from Liberty Square – a journey time of less than ten minutes.

More important than these factors, however, is that the Residence is part of a larger project which includes a 170 room ‘Hampton by Hilton’ hotel, which is immediately adjacent to the residential building.  It’s always great for investors to buy in a location right next to a branded hotel.  By renting out apartments here at just a little over half the price that the hotel is sure to be charging, high yields can be expected.

Hill Home Residence began construction in mid-2019 and is scheduled for completion in January 2022.  Standing 22 floors high, each of the lower floors contain just six apartments.  From these, all but one apartment per floor have beautiful views towards the Old Town.

The project will be finished to a high standard, as can be expected as it shares a plot with the ‘Hampton by Hilton’ hotel,  There will be an impressive lobby with a concierge service with the potential of ordering room service from the hotel, plus 24-hour security.  There will also be a small garden area.  The maintenance fees for the project will be just 1 Lari ($0.35) per m2 per month, to a maximum of $27 for the larger apartments.  Parking here is an additional $10,000 per space.

There are a variety of different unit sizes available at Hill Home Residence, starting with 54.8m2 one-bedroom apartments.  These are the only sizes of units without views towards the Old Town and they also don’t have balconies.  More popular are sure to be the 54.8m2, 55m2 and 59.8m2 sizes which all have balconies and good views apart from the options on the lowest floors.  Those looking for two-bedroom apartments can choose from either compact and highly affordable 69.9m2 apartments or larger apartments around 82.5m2.

All apartments at Hill Home Residence are supplied on a ‘green frame’ basis, which means that they come with bare concrete walls, floors, ceilings, no bathroom, etc.  It will cost an additional $170 per m2 to make the interior finishing (not counting the balcony which does not need finishing).  To make a one-bedroom apartment ready for renting or living it, buyers should also budget $1,000 for a fitted kitchen and $5,000 for all other furniture.

With completion of the project due in January 2022, Hill Home Residence is an ideal investment for buyers who don’t have all of their financing available.  The payment plan here is 30% upon contract, with the remaining 70% spread in equal monthly installments through until May 2022.  This means that you can start your finishing works while still paying for the apartment..

Such has been the popularity of this project that availability of apartments is now getting low – especially on higher floors.  So buyers need to act quickly in order to buy on this highly prestigious project.

Floor Plans & Pricing

Two-Bedroom Apartment2169.9₾238176($75,492)View
Two-Bedroom Apartment2282.3₾272638($86,415)View

Property Features

  • 24/7 Security
  • Close to Metro
  • Concierge Service
  • Gardens
  • Mountain Views
  • Parking
  • River Views