Shartava 75 is an exciting new project located in the most popular part of Tbilisi for expats to make their home – Saburtalo.  The project occupies an excellent location – immediately adjacent to the iconic Bank of Georgia building, offering stunning river views from many of the apartments here.

Standing 13-storeys tall, Shartava 75 is scheduled for completion in March 2019.   Construction of the project is guaranteed by the Ardi insurance company, so buyers can purchase here with 100% confidence that the project will be delivered according to specifications.

Those looking for Residence will appreciate the fact that the Cadastrial Codes for all of the apartments at Shartava 75 have already been allocated.  This means that any client paying 100% of the price of the apartment will immediately be able to register the apartment at the Ministry of Justice, which will then allow them to immediately apply for Residence.

As of August 2018, there are around 28 apartments remaining on the project, coming in a variety of sizes and layouts.  The smallest apartments are 59.1m2 one-bedroom units, which do not have river views.  However, the majority of the remaining apartments are two-bedroom units which vary in size from a compact and affordable 71.9m2 units, going up to roomy and luxurious 160m2 apartments.  For those looking specifically for river views, the smallest size of apartment currently remaining overlooking the river are 89.4m2 units.  For those requiring even more space, there are aldo three-bedroom apartments remaining, with either 205.6m2 or a massive 349.9m2 of space available.

The project offers some attractive facilities for guests to use.  Located at the centre of the project is a spacious atrium which features a garden area as well as a children’s playground area.  There are also two floors of parking, with spaces available to purchase at an additional cost of $8,000 per place.

Prices at Shartava 75 are surprisingly affordable considering how popular a buying destination Saburtalo has become – especially considering the fact that Shartava 75 is one of very few buildings in the area which offers river views.  Prices here are a flat $880 per m2 in ‘white frame’condition.  With finishing available for $150 per m2, this means that each apartment here, fully finished, will cost you only $1030 per m2 – well below the current average in Saburtalo.  Despite these highly affordable prices, Shartava 75 is built with high-class materials, including energy saving walls, doors and windows.

For those not looking to obtain Residence, Shartava 75 offers a generous payment plan, with only 30% required upon contract.  The remaining 70% can be paid over the following 12 months, which means that you can be living in your new apartment here several months prior to completing your payments.

For anyone looking for an attractive, yet highly-affordable, apartment in Saburtalo, Shartava 75 is an ideal choice.

Floor Plans & Pricing

Two-Bedroom Apartment2171.9($60,860)View

Property Features

  • Children's Playground
  • Gardens
  • Parking
  • River Views
  • Riverside Location